​Smooth Edge Sharpening Serices Pricing

Thank you for checking out our Sharpening Service Pricing. The following prices are for mobile sharpening services only.

Mobile Sharpening Prices

  • Stylist Scissors  - Convex Edge - $35.00
  • Beveled Edge – Scissors - $28.32
  • Thinners and Blenders  - $ 28.32
  • Barber Scissors – Convex Edge - $35.00
  • Beveled Edge - $28.32

Clipper Blades-  

  • A5 type - $11.00
  • Large animal – $12.00

Discount on clipper Blades for volume vary depends on circumstances. 

Pet Groomers

  • Convex Edge - $28.00
  • Bevel Edge - $22.00
  • Thinners and Chunker - $ 22.00
  • Serrating Scissor charge - $ 15.00

Tailor Scissor 

  • 7 to 12 In - $9.00
  • 6 in and under - $ 7.00

Home Scissors

  • 7 To 12 In - $7.00
  • 6In and under - $ 6.00 


  • House calls- Minimum sharpening Bill Is $45.00
  • Sharpening Charge per inch off Blade length $1.00
  • Serrated Knives - $1.45 per in of Blade

Restaurant Route Sharpening Charge please call.


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Recent Testimonials

  • I have been using Brian for several years now and have recommended him to other groomers. He does a fantastic job and is always reeducating himself, to better methods of keeping up with industry needs. I highly recommend Brian of Smooth Edge and will not use anyone else to keep my expensive grooming tools in tip top working order
  • “Brian, I'm being a good girl and oiling my blades every day... my clippers are so happy. I remember now being taught to do this in grooming school but had long since forgotten and never did it.. in all the years I've been grooming, no other sharpener explained the importance of this step or told me this is why all my clippers crap out on me. I really appreciate your wisdom and skill.”

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